Tuesday, March 27, 2012

I'll Say Crazy

Well kiddies, I have exciting news. I finally made my way on over to the Festival of Colors. (Never you mind the fact that I have lived here for quite some time and this event happens every year...cough cough...) Oh, you don't believe me? You want proof? I thought you'd never ask, I'd be happy to oblige.

Here's some more crazy for ya: the semester is nearly over. And we can thank the heavens above for that, because it is simply time. I'm ready to bring these classes to a close and be homeless for a weekend. (More on that in a post to come.)

In other news...

There are two weeks that come around every year that I can rarely focus on anything at all because I am so excited. This is one of those weeks.

General Conference is this weekend, and I absolutely cannot wait. (Please visit this link to learn more about it. Also, check out the button on my sidebar.) My roommates and I will have the opportunity to attend one session in the actual conference center.

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Isn't it beautiful? Every one of those 21,333 seats will be filled--and I will spend two hours sitting in one of them. This will be a most wonderful weekend.

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  1. You should set the one of you leaning over as your profile pic. IT IS GORGEOUS!