Monday, April 2, 2012

March Quotes

Tori: I plan on surviving until I die.

Iris: Oh, that explains why you thought it was funny. I was naked inside of all of your minds.

Iris: I'm trying so hard! I'm constipated with this thought.

Dad: Benny's a big boy now, right Benny?
Benny: Um, I'm a little man.

Girl: Excuse me, I do NOT know you.
Guy: Whatever. You dream about me every night.

Iris: No internet?! How am I supposed to survive?!

Carla: Twilight sucks. It's like eating a bag of chips--you can't stop, but when you're done you're like, "WHAT did I just do?"

Tori: I'm not gonna walk 13 miles, that would hurt more than running.

Grandma: Absence makes the fart gr...heart...

Iris: You know, I like playing this constitution game. I'm very fond of it.

Iris: that is horrible! My breath smells better!

[Looking at clouds]
Andrea: That looks like a superman symbol!
Kessa: That looks like a uterus!

Iris: [Rapping] I tell you what, girl, you smell like pickles.

Dania: I was looking at your pictures from high school and I thought you were going to be so sweet and nice, but you're a sassy little butt sometimes!

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