Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Campus Safari

"And on your right we have the Harold B. Lee Library, as you can see..."

There are these golf carts that drive around campus with families all loaded up, ooing and aahing as they take their pleasant little tours. It's all fine and good. But I have to admit, sometimes it makes me feel like a giraffe. Or an elephant. Or maybe a lion.

Sometimes, it just feels like these people are on an African safari, driving around campus to observe the students in their natural habitat. So when I'm that lone student cutting through the parking lot, I start thinking about how I'm that stunned gazelle, standing and staring, knowing full well that it's being watched. And also knowing full well that there's nothing that can be done.

Next time I'll just take off running. Maybe they'll start chasing me. And boy, I would have a good story to tell then, now wouldn't I?

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Conference Weekly found here.


  1. You would have a good story to tell if they began chasing you... If you survived...

  2. Definitely you are a tiger. No. Lion. Because of your fiery mane. MEEEEOW.