Thursday, June 21, 2012

A Long Time Ago

"Let's now consider the effects of a change in monetary policy. To do so, imagine that the economy is in equilibrium and then, suddenly, the Fed doubles the supply of money by printing some dollar bills and dropping them around the country from helicopters."

You guys, my Econ textbook was hilarious. Every so often I look back to that class and think fond things, but I'm mostly just glad to be done with it. I still don't know what my grade is, and to be entirely honest, I don't really mind not knowing. Sometimes it's just best to live in ignorance.

On another note, I am becoming quite the Star Wars nerd. Remember Number 28 on my bucket list?

Consider it completed.

My world has been forever changed. I will get the chills every time I hear this song, and whenever I sit down to watch a show I will wish that I owned a copy of all six episodes--or, at the very least, Episodes IV, V, and VI. So, if any of you wished to make my birthday, or Christmas, or other present-giving you know how.

Just sayin.


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