Thursday, October 4, 2012

August 2012 Quotes

Mom: Remember, the trick to a good picture is feeling really stupid.

Mom: Seriously. It looks like my ear was cut off. Like Van Gogh got ahold of it.

Mom: I'll be fine. Except for I'll be dying.

Tori: I'm sorry I was falling asleep during Star Wars. It's cause Luke was ugly. I was totally expecting him to be cute.

Tori: And if I'm in an especially good mood, I'll put some popcorn in my mouth and chomp it in your ear.
Grandma: Oh I can hardly wait!

Mom: I want that trunk. I want that trunk! It's just sitting there like it's free!

Mom: Dorms to the right. Either that or a mental hospital. Eh, same thing.

Mom: Now I can say this because we've both been recently fed...

Mom: Where are we?! In little go-cart land?

Mom: I'm gonna have to medicate myself the day of your wedding.

Tori: I wanna stay up 11 days so that I'll hallucinate. I wanna know what it's like.

Tori: I'd be a superhero if I could blink.

Tori: I can't help the size of my butt, I'm sorry.

Grandma: Look at us be three generations of lovely. And humble.

Mom: I don't care. This is Draw Something, not a science experiment.

Lacey: I'm not a crazy person, I swear. I saw it on Pinterest.

Dr. Holmes: You had the accounting class yet? You did? I think you need some therapy.

Dr. Holmes: Of course, I'm the oldest one in the room by...a couple standard deviations.

Dr. Holmes: You may want to ask yourself if lying on Dr. Holme's service quiz is worth going to Hell.

Dr. Holmes: I've decided to give you Monday off. In fact, take all of your classes off on Monday. Your professors say anything about it, you tell them that I said you can take Monday off.

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