Thursday, October 4, 2012

September 2012 Quotes

Anna: Tortillas. Satan's cookies probably taste like tortillas.
Dania: Tortillas are good!
Anna: Yeah, but they're not cookies!

Anna: I have my fall nail polish on. That's how you know it's fall.

Dania: I love rain. Rain makes everything better.
Lacey: Except for origami.

Lacey: I want to put something in my mouth. I think it's water?

Lacey: I want to like this just so I can unlike it!

Dania: Lacey, are you my mother?
Lacey: no, I'm not. I'll work on it.

Alex: I'm a first tenor. I'm God's gift to the world.

Seth: Braces are good though. I mean, can you imagine me with bad teeth?

Lacey: I think tired Dani with her retainers in is my favorite Dani.

Lacey: Dani, it's midnight-thirty! We have to go to bed!

Lacey: Hello. Is this Pizza Hut? Oh, I'm sorry.

Lacey: Speaking of alcoholics, how is school going?

Lacey: You know what? I like the Germans.

Cali: I can't decide what to eat, so I'm just going back to bed.

Ethan: I killed a cactus, for crying out loud! I'm less nurturing than a desert!

Jaycee: What's foundation?
Ethan: It's like a primer coat.

Dania: Why am I so weird?
Kyrie: Now, if I could answer that question, I'd have millions.

Lacey: That's the other thing. The man I marry has to love you. He has to love me too, but if he loves me and not you then, 1. What the crap? and 2. There's nothing else.

Guest Speakers in Marketing: I like to say that we're like a mullet. He's the business up front, and I'm the party in the back.

John: We're inventing a backwards euphemism.

Lacey: Sleepy Dani, although funny, is not necessarily the most attractive.

Dania: Hi Ethan, how are you?
Ethan: I'm fine. Oh, sorry, boy fine. I'm great. If you're a girl, fine means something is really wrong.

Lacey: So yeah, I pretty much just got paid $2 to smell some guy's helmet. I feel like a teenage boy.

Lacey: I think I have autocorrect brain.

Lacey: That technically doesn't even make us related, it just makes our blood all squishy.

Dania: $5,000 somewhere in Provo!
Jaron: So much more dollars than I have!

Alex: Her name is Alexis, it would never work.

Lacey: If you make all your decisions based on not becoming a hobo, you'll probably make better decisions.

Dania: Are we being strangely cryptic?
Pappy: No, just normally cryptic.

Taylor: And I was always like, "Sweet, mom's pregnant. That means I can have a sleepover in a few months."

Taylor: My teacher is a 74-year-old man, flirting isn't going to get me anywhere.

Lacey: Dani, it's a piece of pot. I am not eating that.

--And a special note, the quotes from Talk Like a Pirate Day at Krispy Kreme--

Dani: We be eatin ourselves till we be sick.
Lacey: That's self-cannibalism Dani, and I'm not down with that freaky stuff.

Lacey: He's squeakin' like an old poop deck.

Lacey: Brave Kitten!
Lacey and Dani: Strong Kitten!
Dani: Fearsome Kitten! Sailing the seas despite his fear of water!

Lacey: Mateys! Ye be in perfect garb! May we take a magic portrait with ye?

Lacey: The satchel is bewitched!
Kitten: That's not the only thing that's bewitched. [Wink]

Dani: What be a pirate without treasure to seek?

Kitten: I was gonna say something, but I'd end up hitting on both of you, so I decided not to.

Lacey: How do you wash donuts down with more donuts? Cause I've tried that, and it doesn't work.

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