Thursday, January 17, 2013

December 2012 Quotes

Stephen: Man up and do the splits, we'll take you to the hospital later.

Brad: What if the cure for cancer is found in the Arabian ladybug?
Nathan: Then let's breed it like heck!

Jared: I'm going to marry someone who I hope is a her!

Taylor: Oh, my tummy just made a funny chorus of sounds.

Taylor: My food is like my temple. ...That I eat.

Brad: ...I have no idea what you just said, so I am just going to agree with you.

Brad: At what point do you decide that it is okay to sing in the bathroom that loudly?

Lacey: I had a bad dream. I was Harry Potter, and Voldemort came and crashed my party and I had to kill him.

Brad: If I was husband hunting, there would probably be more death involved.

Taylor: Hey, there's a chance this couldn't happen! Give me a crowbar.

Nick: I don't know the guy, but I don't like him.

Carrie: If he likes dogs, he can't be that bad.
Steph: Well Hitler liked dogs...

Steph: Except that right not it's so hot that cuddling is hard.

Jordan: Jasmine's giving awkward looks, so I think I'm done.
Jasmine: Jord, I'm just awkward. My face is just...awkward.

Aaron: I need to get a girlfriend so I can sit on the couch with her all day.

Brad: Only Mormons and chick flicks date.

Sister Clark: He's met almost everyone I've dated! Well, not everyone I've dated. But almost everyone who asked me to marry them.

Brad: He thought he was being sneaky, but I out-snuck him.

Brad: Because normal people don't make headlines.
Dani: But they give accurate information.
Brad: But then we wouldn't have the bedroom intruder song.

Janae: Guys, wanna smell my armpits? They smell really good.

Tori: They're really nice, and they don't even smell like old people.

Benny: Dania, I'm going on a mission to Sprout. And do you know what I"m going to bring back from my mission? My own ax!

Mom: Oh look! That person likes to do his visiting teaching!

Tori: Mom, what would you do if I was a perfectionist?
Mom: Slap you.

Tori: All size fits one. I know what I mean.

Catie: Robbie, hold my hand!
Robbie: No!
Catie: Why not? It'll be funny! My friends will think I'm dating someone!

Brad: I know less about Africa than I know about the surface of Mars.

Dania: I'm going ot miss you! I just want to kidnap you so you can't leave.
Kristy: Or you could just decide to marry a southern latin cowboy and move out to visit me.

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