Wednesday, February 6, 2013

January 2013 Quotes

Janae: I wish these were babier carrots.

Brad: I feel like gouging your eye out with your iPhone isn't the best use of the technology. You don't want to make it an actual eye-phone.

Michael: Why is your door locked?!

Dani: I am freezing and miserable.
Lacey: At least you're not in (chuckle) the French Revolution.

Ethan: I'm an extrovert. I can't just go to bed whenever I want!

Zach: I can't grow a beard...I wish I could just sneeze and have one for a day.

Lacey: He needs a haircut. His head is starting to look like a mushroom.

Girl: Those golden Oreos? My favorite. They make me feel feminine.

Lacey: I feel like this is the way our mornings go--we kind of just follow each other around and I watch you eat.

Lacey: Do you want these last two biscuits? Or should we feed them to children as we pass them in the street?

Lacey: What, are they playing Jumanji up there?!

Taylor: My married friend's fiancée. I mean...what are they called when they're married? Wife.

Taylor: I should have packed more than a bunch of white flower and chemicals.

Joe: [watching Tangled] Dude. You're setting the bar too high. I can't beat that!

Wes: It's such a manly movie, you'll cry at the end. I didn't cry, but I thought about it.

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