Thursday, March 7, 2013

February 2013 Quotes

Taylor: What's funny, is I made the joke, and you're the only one laughing at it.

Rachel: I cried my lipstick off!

Lacey: Where's my deodorant?
Dania: I ate it!
Lacey: Dani, that is so unhealthy! There is NO nutritional value!

Taylor: My back just made a funny pain.

Random Girl: And then she tired to beat me upside the head with a pillow. And then she put her FEET on me! It was horrible.

And apparently those are the only funny things that happened all month. Lies. Lots of funny things happened in February, but they were all documented in places that I no longer have access to. Like text messages that have since become inaccessible.

Because I have deprived you of your monthly escape from reality in the form of quotes, I've decided to include something funny provided by the wonderful world of the internet.

My professor found this video and showed it to us all. I hope you like ponies.

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